Shorts Nike Park II Knit 725887 302 green

Shorts Nike Park II Knit 725887 302 green Αθλητισμός

Shorts designed for footballers are suitable for both matches, workouts and everyday use. They were made of the highest quality materials resistant to damage in DRI - FIT technology ensuring excellent ventilation. DRI-FIT technology Thanks to its special microfibre structure, it effectively removes moisture outside the pants, facilitating its evaporation. The fabric does not stick to the skin, guaranteeing very high comfort during intense physical exercise. Sport shorts have a welt at the waist in the form of elastic rubber and a string, which allows you to adjust the circuit, thereby facilitating the fit of the body, without causing pressure.

Nike - an American company, a manufacturer of footwear, clothing and sports accessories. Founded in 1964. as "Blue Ribbon Sport" by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight. Initially, she dealt with the distribution of Japanese running shoes. The first model of football shoes with the "Nike" logo was presented in the summer of 1972. In 1978, "Blue Ribbon Sport" officially changed its name to "Nike". Since then, the company has repeatedly introduced new technologies to sports, including "Tailwind", "Air Force". Currently, it is one of the world's leading brands of sports goods, strives to provide the highest quality products from both the technical and visual side, following the current fashion.

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